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05 February 2009 @ 09:27 pm
I have decided to get an iPod touch ( http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/shop_ipod/family/ipod_touch?mco=MTIxMTE )

And I at least want it for the end of school/start of vacation.

So, if anyone has any jobs for me, I would do them as long as they aren't illegal/immoral.... with pay.

Went to school after sleeping like the dead. Met with Cortney outside of school, then I started ranting about how Teen Titans would be a better show if they actually acted like teens. Then Amanda and Karissa showed up and the MOST SURPRISING THING IN THE WORLD happened. Nate, who is almost always late, was at school BEFORE THE BELL. Then the bell rang and me and Amanda went up and confronted him about it. Went to our different lockers, then to Mrs. Smith's room. Why? Habit. The students in her second period class who have gym first always do that. I, though, had algebra support with the meanest teacher in the world, Mrs. Slade. Also that morning I made a comment on how the main villain from Teen Titans has the same name as Mrs. Slade. So, I ditched Amanda and Nate (he was suspended from her class because he won't take his glove off) and went there. I sat in the back and worked on algebra and watched people complain how much they hate Mrs. Slade.

Bell rang (Thank God!) and I left and went next-door to Mrs. Smith's room. Sat down at my desk and started reading the first of the Mercy books. Then, once everyone was there, Mrs. Smith said that we would be talking about the career assignment that we did a few weeks ago. That went on for about forty-five minutes. Then Mrs. Smith named what she thought everyone would be when they grew up. I got an author :D yay! Then that class was over and then.....

Then we went on the lame-o field trip for eighth-graders. We walked over to the theater and watched some lame thingy about Blues and this guy selling his soul to the devil.... Nate and Amanda (Amanda's head on Nate's shoulder and his head on her's) fell asleep halfway through it, leaving me with NOTHING to do except exchange looks with Kat (who was on the other side of Nate looking really confused at him and Amanda). After the play, we walked back. I swear, the whole freaking time we were walking Damian was trying to get me mad at him. Then we got back to school in time for history and algebra (EWWWW!!!!).

In history, we went to the library to work on our CBA thingy. We have to address an issue and make it have to do something with the Constitution. My topic is Euthanasia and assisted suicide (it was the only thing that sounded vaguely interesting). Helped some people out, nearly (was thinking about it a LOT) slammed Iram's head into the computer monitor, and worked on my speech. Bell rang. First thought was: Crap.... Algebra.

Went straight to Mrs. Slade's room. She talked about some stuff that me and everyone else didn't understand. About something WE WILL NEVER USE IN REAL LIFE. That class bored me to death. Bell rang. (Thank God!)

Went to my locker, got my stuff, then went to Ms. Gaub's room for Art Club. We're doing this thing for a dinner to make center-pieces about "the world in our hands". Lame. Ms. Gaub had already said no zombies. Lamer. So, me and Nate went to work on our project, this weird thing with hands that look like punk roosters on a movie reel with CDs duct taped to it. Almost the whole time there, Ms. Gaub said I wasn't doing anything. Just because I was goofing off a lot, doesn't mean I wasn't working. Geez. One of the time she said "Becca, everytime I look over to see what you're doing; you're always staring at Nate." Well, yeah, duh because in the few seconds before you came over, we were talking about our project and thinking of what to do next. That, or something random, like the band that we're going to make if we ever decide to called In Still and Silent Corridors (ISSC) and it's first album, Punk Rooster. That's on task! To our standards, at least.

After art, went to Jack in the Box and went home. Watched CSI, Total Drama Island, 6teen, Powerpuff Girls, and Teen Titans. Then I did my homework. Big day...
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Sabledrake: you rocksabledrake on February 8th, 2009 03:11 pm (UTC)
Great post!

So, WHY won't Nate take his glove off? Does he have dirty words written on his hand, or what?

I told you not to write dirty words on people, didn't I? Oh wait, maybe I forgot.

-- C.
sims2freak: whateversims2freak on February 8th, 2009 09:05 pm (UTC)
He said that he just doesn't like to take off his glove. That was it.